Extracurricular Tutorials for International Students

Within the framework of the co-op study program, various subject-specific measures are supported. Most notably the departments offer classes which help international students with the integration into their study subject and subject specific language.

Project suggestions are always welcome!

Tutorials for International Students as part of the LOB Project

Furthermore, the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) sponsored LOB-Project (in German: Lehren - Organisieren - Beraten (in English: Teaching, Organisation, Advise)) offers tutorials assisting not only German but also International Students to succeed in their studies.

LOB Faculty 01 (Protestant Theology) (English information at bottom of page)
THEOInternational is a coaching program for students of the Erasmus program specifically meant for facilating the start of studies at the faculty.

LOB Faculty 02 (Social Sciences, Media, and Sports) SOWISO
SoWi?So!-Tutorials and Workshops assist International students in diverse fields concerning academic assignments. The coaching program offers specific aid especially for Erasmus students in the starting phase of studies as well.

LOB Faculty 03 (Law, Management, and Economics) (German only)
The sub-projects Welc0m3 and PROF offer all students aid to optimize the "kick-off" of their studies as well as help in the final phase of their studies and the search for employment.

LOB Faculty 05 (Philosophy und Philology) PHILIS
The project PHILIS offers so-called InForm-Tutorials. The tutorials help not only in the starting phase of studies but during the whole semester. In small groups well trained tutor mentors answer questions and give tips. The program targets International exchange students and International degree seeking students in equal measure.

LOB Faculty 07 (History- and Cultural Studies) KAMI
The LOB-Project Kami intends to facilitate International mobilty at the faculty in general.

LOB Faculty 08 (Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science)
The intention of this LOB Project is to faciltate the start at the faculty of all International students - exchange students, degree seeking students as well as Ph.D. candidates.

LOB Faculty 09 (Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geosciences) (German only)
A mentoring program for all first year students centers the LOB Project of this faculty.  All students have the possibilty to ask for a mentor, an experienced advanced student.