International Cooperations and Partnerships

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) has established a world-wide network of partner institutions concerning research and teaching projects, double degree programs, and the exchange of students, scholars, and scientists. These partnerships either include all subjects and departments at JGU ("University Agreements") or constitute cooperations in specific departments and subjects ("Departmental Agreements").If a partnership is in its initial stage, the intent to cooperate is usually expressed by a "Memorandum".
New partnerships usually grow out of departmental cooperations and should be initiated by the professors/chairs of that academic field. The participating professor/department at JGU can find guidelines for establishing new partnerships here. The International Office supports the departments in the development of a cooperation agreement, but the contents of the cooperation are determined by the participating departments, whose Deans indicate their consent in writing. All cooperation agreements always have to be co-signed by the President of JGU.