Israel / Near East Fellowships

Goals of the Program

To intensify the cooperation with universities and research institutions in Israel and the Near East and to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel, the Israel / Near East Fellowships (SPI/NA) were established at JGU in 2016. SPI/NA can fund academic projects with a focus on the Israel / Near East region that involve students and teaching. By and large, the scholarship program is structured in analogy to the PROMOS scholarship program. The International Office is in charge of the administration and coordination of the program.

Program Region: Israel including the Palestinian territories as well as its adjacent countries: Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and in the future also Syria.

Notice: Scholarships may not be granted for regions for which the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) has issued a travel warning.


Who can apply?

(1) Students and doctoral candidates of JGU („Outgoings“)

Students from all courses of study, including doctoral students, can apply, provided you are enrolled as full-time degree-seeking students at JGU both at the time of application and during the entire scholarship period. Undergraduate students can apply in the second semester of their Bachelor studies at the earliest.

Teaching projects may also be funded if students participate in the project, especially for study trips/field trips and co-tutelles de thèse (joint-degree doctoral projects). Concerning funding for other teaching projects, please inquire at about possible funding options.

(2) Students from Israel / the Near East ("Incomings")

As a citizen of one of the participating countries you can apply for funding from the Israel / Near East Fellowship Program SPI/NA if you are currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student at a partner university in Israel or an adjacent country, be it a university partnership or a departmental cooperation with JGU.


Which scholarships are available?

for Outgoings:

  • Studying in one of the program countries
  • Thesis preparation (Bachelor theses, Master theses, doctoral theses including co-tutelles de thèse)
  • Language courses and summer schools
  • Internships
  • Study trips / field trips

for Incomings:

  • Studying at JGU (Bachelor's, Master's, or doctoral level, including a co-tutelle de thèse co-advised at JGU)
  • Participating in a summer school at JGU
  • Student excursions to JGU or participation in an excursion program co-organized by an instructor at JGU