The foreign nationals office in charge requires a residence permit and proof of health insurance, which ensures the following:

  • Medical and dental treatment
  • Supply with medication, first aid and medical aids
  • Hospital treatment
  • Medical services for rehabilitation
  • Services provided in pregnancy and childbirth

This proof must be issued to you in writing by your insurance company. For citizens of EU countries there are special forms for this purpose. If your insurance does not apply in Germany you can purchase a travel insurance (for a short stay) or acquire one through a German supplier. For more information consult your insurance company and the pages of Euraxess and the DAAD.

Please note that costs for certain diseases or treatments - e.g. chronic illnesses - are usually not covered by private health insurance in Germany.

Please make sure that you have insurance coverage before you enter Germany!

We also recommend to buy a private liability insurance and (maybe even) an accident insurance. The DAAD offers a combined health, liability and accident insurance for visiting scientists/scholars.