Registration and Residence Permit

Visa and Residence Permit

Under Visa and Residence Permit you can find information on documents and certificates you need to provide for staying in Germany. In case you need a residence permit, there are different possibilities for you to obtain one. You can find an overview in the table attached on the right hand side. You can apply for a residence permit at the Foreigner's Office. You will need to make an appointment in due time, since waiting time can take up several weeks. In case you are entering Germany with a visa, keep in mind that you need to provide the necessary information for obtaining a residence permit during the visa application process already.

Registration with the municipality

If you are planning to stay in Germany for more than three months, you need to register with the municipality within 14 days from moving into your new accomodation.

If you are moving into the district of Mainz, you will need to register with the local municipal office (German only) in Kaiserstraße.

For registering, you generally do not need to make an appointment. However, making an appointment beforehand can cut waiting time. You can make an appointment online (German only; see Step-by-step Guide).

Registering is free, however, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • completed and signed confirmation of the landlord (German only) with indication of day of moving into the new accomodation
  • proof of identity (ID card, passport, visa)
    Warning: The electronic residence permit on its own is not sufficient.
  • rental contract or other written evidence about current site of residence
  • if already applicable: residence permit
  • if you are married/divorced: marriage/divorce certificate (with certified translation)
  • if you are registering children: proof of identity and birth certificate (with certified translation)

If your partner or other family members are going to live with you, they need to show at the municipal office themselves.

If you move house, you need to provide your new address to the municipal office (in the district of Mainz, it is the one in Kaiserstraße). If you move within Germany, your old address will automatically be replaced with the new one after registering with your new municipality.

If you leave Germany, you will have to deregister with the municipal office. In Mainz, you can do that up to one week before or at the latest up to two weeks after moving away. You can deregister via e-mail and will need to provide a copy of your proof of identity.

With your registration you will get a registration certificate, which you will need for applying for a residence permit or possibly other applications, if applicable.

Further information:

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