International Applicants and Students

JGU Mainz is proud to be a truly international university with one of the highest percentages of international students in all of Germany. JGU offers a broad spectrum of courses of study, including the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Law, Economics, Medicine, Sports Sciences, Fine Arts, and Music – only technical and engineering subjects aren’t offered.

Incomings: If you have graduated from a high school, college or university abroad and wish to study at JGU as a degree-seeking student, you will find all pertinent information here.

Exchange: If you wish to study at JGU as an exchange student (i.e. non-degree-seeking student) for 1 or 2 semesters, you can find all information, application procedures and the Services of the Gutenberg International School here.

Please note: Apart from the Mainz campus, FB 06 Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies (Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft) is also an institution of JGU. It is located in Germersheim, about 100 km south of Mainz. Here, all courses of study dealing with Translation and Interpretation in numerous European and non-European languages are offered. FB 06 has it own offices for applicants and exchange students.

Extracurricular Programs for International Students: If you are interested in supportive or extracurricular courses or international events, you can find the offers here.

Outgoings: If you’re enrolled at JGU and wish to do an academic stay abroad - studies, internships, language assistantships, or thesis research, including a co-tutelle de thèse – you’ll find the information about exchange and funding opportunities here (in German).

For both Incomings and Outgoings, JGU offers Integrated Study Programs in the Humanities, Law, and Economics in collaboration with international partner universities. In these courses of study, students attend different universities by turn for one or two semesters each. The Integrated Study Programs are dual degree programs, i.e. they lead to a degree from JGU plus a degree from the international partner university. These Integrated Study Programs also include International Master’s Programs.