JGU Students abroad

For students enrolled at JGU, there are numerous opportunities to go abroad for a period of time, be it to study or a language course. This period abroad may also be used for internships, clinical traineeships, and teaching assistantships.Such projects may be sponsored through scholarships. JGU also offers unique integrated study programs with partner universities abroad for students of law, economics, or business administration. For these degrees, students complete a substantial part of their studies at the partner institution abroad. Students earn a so-called double degree, i.e. a degree from the University of Mainz and a second degree from the partner university.

Scholarship information in English

Information for outbound JGU students in German


If you need more information or wish to make an appointment, please contact us, depending on your intended destination:

Erasmus+ study abroad programmes: erasmus@international.uni-mainz.de

Erasmus+ internship abroad programmes: eu-servicepoint@international.uni-mainz.de

European study-abroad programmes beyond Erasmus+: europa@international.uni-mainz.de

Non-European study abroad programmes: aussereuropa@international.uni-mainz.de

PROMOS scholarship programmes: promos@international.uni-mainz.de

Please don't write to several addresses at the same time - we can pass on your message to a colleague if need be.

If you're a student at FTSK in Germersheim, please contact the International Office there.