Visiting scholars planning to come to Mainz should take care of accommodation as early as possible.Contact persons or sponsors at JGU may provide assistance to find accommodation.

JGU Guest Apartments (general information)

JGU offers accommodation in one guest house for Visiting Faculty / Staff Members who will stay at JGU temporarily: on the neighbouring campus of the University of Applied Sciences Mainz (FH Mainz) 15 single apartments including some for handicapped persons are availablbe at the housing complex K3.

All apartments are for international visitors for rental periods ranging from one week to six months. The apartments will be allocated on a "first come first served" basis.

The guest house has a bus stop close by, and public transportation in Mainz is excellent.

Guests who come by car will find parking areas right in front of the house and close by. In order to access the University campus, visitors need a special permit ("Einfahrerlaubnis") which can be obtained before or after arrival. One-day permits can be obtained at the main entrance gate.

Visitors who wish to register for an apartment in the guest houses, please contact our housekeeper, Mrs. Duarte, at ( email

If all apartments are booked, the housekeeping manager will provide addresses of alternative accommodation including a list of hotels in Mainz offering special conditions for guests of JGU.

Please note that the cancellation of a reservation has to be announced at four weeks before the originally planned date of arrival. If not, you will be obliged to pay the invoice of the first month for the guest apartment.

Housing Complex K3

The address of the housing complex is Lucy-Hillebrand-Str. 4, 55128 Mainz (on the campus of the University of Applied Scienes Mainz).

Next to the house is a tram Station: "Jakob-Heinz Straße/Arena" and parking spaces are in front of K3 and close by.

The housing complex K3 offers 15 apartments for international visitors in a new building:

  • The apartments consist of one room including desk, bookcase, bed, table and two seats plus kitchenette, shower and WC.
  • In the basement are washing machines and dryers which may be used by the guests of K3.

The rental prices at K3 depend on the duration of the stay. From 1st January 2020 the rents are as follows:

Duration of Stay Rental Price for a Single Apartment Final Cleaning at Departure (to be paid once only)
4 days (minimum stay) 140.00 Euro 75.00 Euro
any further night 35.00 Euro 75.00 Euro
per month 700.00 Euro 75.00 Euro

Leasing Terms

1. Payment of rent and non-arrival for personal reasons

The rent is payable on the commencement of the rental period for the entire envisaged period. (Note: Payment of the rent at the end of the rental period can be arranged).

Guests who do not take up residence for personal reasons will still be liable to pay the agreed rent. This also applies in cases in which guests are prevented from taking up residence because of personal circumstances beyond their control.

Guests are obligated to inform the housekeeping manager without delay of any personal circumstances that prevent them from taking up residence. Where it is possible to put the apartment to alternative use (by making it available to others), guests will be reimbursed for the rent due for this period.

2. Arrivals

Details of the arrival of guests must be provided to the housekeeping manager, Ms Duarte. It is most convenient if guests arrive from 2 o'clock pm.

If the guest arrives later or cancel the reservation, the institute must inform our housekeeping Manager immediately.

3. Registration

Guests staying for more than 3 months must register with the authorities. Registration forms are available from the housekeeping manager.

4. Departure

The apartment must be vacated by 9.00 am on the date of departure. We would request that guests who wish to prematurely vacate their apartment contact the housekeeper as soon as possible.

5. Miscellaneous

The booking will be valid for the specified person(s) only. If other guests are to be provided with accommodation in the booked apartment, even if only on a temporary basis, the prior authorization of the housekeeper must be obtained. Applications for an extension or shortening of the rental period must be submitted to the housekeeper.

Further information can be found in the brochure "Information for Guests" which is provided in the various apartments; in addition, the housekeeping manager will be pleased to advise guests.