Financial Support for International Students

We realize that if one wants to successfully graduate from the Johannes Gutenberg-University, financial support plays a big role that is why we want to offer you an overview of the possible financial support options for your studies in Germany. Please note that there are many different factors and requirements regarding the different financial support options and you will need to first figure out which options apply to you and consider whether you fulfill the requirements and if the advantages and disadvantages work for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions beyond the information we have offered to you.


Scholarships offer financial support during your studies for a certain amount of time and stipend. You will find the detailed information about the possible options below. In general, scholarship providers usually expect their recipients to have a certain profile. And the selection is then done by an independent board that often consider the following criteria:

  • Excellent/good academic accomplishment in the past
  • Motivation for application for the scholarship
  • Personal circumstances (including financial need)
  • Social and cultural engagement at JGU and elsewhere

When searching for a scholarship it is important to be proactive! Inform yourself as early as possible so you are able to hand in all the required documents and pay attention to application deadlines!

The options below offer you an overview of the scholarship that you can directly apply for at the Johannes Gutenberg-University.

Deutschlandstipendium (no English website available, only in German)

Scholarship holders receive 300 € per month for 1 year. Half of the scholarship money is paid by a sponsor (company, private person, foundation) and half by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Beyond the financial means, the scholarship holders get the opportunity to establish contacts with the sponsors.

Scholarships for finalizing a degree with DAAD

Foreign students at the JGU who have obtained their certificate for admission to higher education not in Germany and who are about to finish their studies are invited to apply for scholarships for degree-finalization (in the final phase of their studies of their Bachelor, Master, State Examination, Ph.D.) financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
For more information please contact: International Office, Studienbegleitprogramm JGU

For Physics students that start their master's degree: Excellence Track

A limited number of students of the Excellence Track program can apply for financial support. These scholarships are endowed with €934 per month for a maximum duration of two years.

There are various search engines that allow you to specifically search for a scholarship via their scholarship database. With these search engines you do not have to look through all the different scholarship providers, instead you are given specific application requirements and deadlines of the various scholarships available to you in Germany, which will hopefully help you find your best option.
Please note that these search engines are a scholarship databases. They therefore do not award scholarships, nor do they provide scholarship or consultation.

Search Engine of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for scholarships
Here you can find information on various kinds of DAAD funding for foreign students, graduates and postdocs as well as on funding offered by other selected organisations.

Database of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on scholarships (no English website available, only in German)
“Stipendienlotse” is a database provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and offers an interactive platform to find the right scholarship for you based on your desired criteria. The comprehensive scholarship database can be filtered according to many different criteria, such as educational phases, fields of study or target regions.

Overview of scholarships and foundations at JGU  (no English website available, only in German)
The options below offer you an overview of the scholarship that you can directly apply for at the Johannes Gutenberg-University.

If you unexpectedly find yourself in financial difficulties the following institutions specifically offer funds and social support for these kinds of situations.

Social Support offered by the Studierendenwerk Mainz (no English website available, only in German)
The following website provides an overview and general information about possible financial aid that can be granted by the "Studierendenwerk Mainz". Please contact the "Studierendenwerk Mainz" for further consultation.

“Help in Financial Need” - AStA
AStA is the student representation at the University of Mainz. The Auxiliary Fund receives its funds from the semester contribution and provides students in financial emergencies with grants and loans. The fund is administered by the social affairs representatives of the AStA. Please contact the AStA’s Department of Social Affairs for further information.

Emergency Fund of the Catholic University-Parish (KHG) (no English website available, only in German)
The Diocese of Mainz provides financial support through their Diocesan Aid Fund every year for international students. It is their goal to help students in difficult situations.

Emergency Fund of the Protestant University-Parish (ESG) (no English website available, only in German)
ESG offers financial aid and consultation for international students in social or financial crisis.

Emergency Fund - “DAAD Stiftung”
The Notfall-Fonds (Emergency Fund) is a special funding project by the DAAD-Stiftung. Generally, all students can apply for support in an exceptional unexpected emergency situation.

Tackling the German job market can be quite challenging that is why we have compiled a list of information that will hopefully make this easier for you.

“Bleib!” - Consultation and Workshops for International Students and Graduates
The “Bundesagentur für Arbeit'' offers advice both during and after your studies regarding your career goals, applications and job entry. They will provide you with practical tips for an interview, application correction, workshops, and individual consultation in German or English.

There are many possibilities to find a job in Mainz. And the following overview by the “Studierendenwerk” provides with a list of institutions and possibilities.

Career Counseling - Career Service
University graduates have many opportunities in today's job market and sometimes, this can feel like quite a challenge. Many students do not know what kind of jobs are out there. And if you have found your dream job, how do you get there? The Career Service counselors are happy to support you in planning your career and answer the questions you might have about the job market in Germany or abroad.