International Office

As an international center for research and teaching, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) has a special commitment to crossing the boundaries between nations and cultures. This commitment is established in its mission statement and its strategic concept, and is also reflected in its strong international relationships. JGU is globally networked in the areas of science and research as well as learning and teaching.The international work of its scientists is supported by a network of 145 cooperations with partner universities on all continents. We also count about 500 cooperations with European partner universities in the ERASMUS program. Our core regions for academic and student exchange include France and Poland in Europe, as well as the United States, South Korea, and China outside of Europe.JGU supports internationalization at all stages of qualification. For years now it has held a top position in European student and lecturer exchange, and also counts a high percentage of foreign students. Students in all courses of study may study abroad for one or two semesters, and JGU also offers courses of study in conjunction with foreign universities. With more than 650 courses conducted in languages other than German as well as numerous foreign language courses, Mainz University provides junior researchers with excellent preparation for the international job market.

Our Faculty 06: Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies at JGU's Germersheim location is an especially unique feature of the university, as it is not only one of the leading European training centers for interpreters and translators, but also takes up interculturality as a research topic in greater depth. The latter also applies to JGU's Center for Intercultural Studies - an interdisciplinary research platform which supports academic intercultural dialogue on the campus.

The JGU sees internationalization as an interdisciplinary task that is anchored in all scientific and administrative areas. Its internationalization strategy is directed to three essential goals:

  1. BOOSTING WORLD-CLASS RESEARCH: JGU strengthens its international partnerships through a regular exchange of scientists and raises its international reputation and its attractiveness for international students and researchers;
  2. TRAINING STUDENTS TO BE GLOBAL CITIZENS: JGU shapes its students into enlightened, liberal-minded people and imparts to them the skills necessary for the international competition;
  3. REFLECTING INTERNATIONALITY AND INTERCULTURALITY IN RESEARCH AND TEACHING: JGU builds up internationality and interculturality as subjects for research and teaching.

Our University President is responsible for our internationalization strategy. In its implementation he is supported by the JGU International Office.

Mainz University in top places in the ERASMUS Program in Germany!