Staying with Family

If you are going to be accompanied by family members during your stay in Mainz, they must also apply for a visa or a residence permit.If your spouse wishes to enter Germany with you, he / she will usually receive the same residence permit as you. The right of residence for your partner ends when your own permit runs out.The residence permit for your husband / wife is normally granted when the subsistence of both spouses is secure without having to recourse to social assistance, sufficient living space is available, as well as an adequate health insurance coverage.Under current law, children only have a legal right to residence when both parents possess a residence permit, the child is under the age of 16 and housing and financial support is guaranteed. In other cases, the immigration authorities will decide at its discretion.Under certain circumstances you can get financial support for family members through your funding institution or through the German state.

More information on child care and schooling options, is available at the Family Services Center of JGU.