It is necessary that you start looking for accommodation in Mainz BEFORE you arrive in Mainz. The admission to study at JGU does not automatically include a room in a students' dormitory!

For a comfortable room not too far from the university, students can expect to pay a monthly rent of around € 300 to € 450. Students' dormitories offer relatively moderately priced accommodation. This is also an excellent place to meet new people, particularly for students starting their first term. During the term break, all dormitories are open, therefore, you do not have to look for accommodation during holidays.

Don’t forget: Once you have moved in, you will need to register with the public administration office ("Bürgeramt"). You will also need to re-register if you change accommodation within Mainz.

Students’ dormitories

A large part of the students’ dormitories are run and allocated by the Studierendenwerk Mainz. The Studierendenwerk is not part of JGU; rather it is an independent institution. Therefore, the International Office has no influence on the distribution of rooms.

More information on the different types of rooms, prices and the application form for accommodation (“Wohnheimantrag”) is available on the Website Housing International. Please also submit your application for a room in a students’ dormitory even before you get the official letter of acceptance at JGU. You will only need to present your matriculation certificate at the time of moving in.

Special offer of the Studierendenwerk Mainz:

A room in the students’ residences is guaranteed for all Exchange students who apply within the deadline.

Students’ dormitories in Mainz

Private housing market

1. Apartment hunting online

There are several possibilities to find a room in the private housing market. But please note that most of the rooms/ apartments in Germany are rented without furniture. On the internet you can find many homepages with room offers (a large part directly offered by other students), e.g.:

2. Apartment hunting in Mainz

If you are already in Mainz, you can use the message boards ("Schwarze Bretter") on the university campus, especially for available rooms in shared flats (WG = Wohngemeinschaft), e.g. near the student canteen in the Philosophicum (Jakob-Welder-Weg 18) or the ReWi-Haus (Jakob-Welder-Weg 9).

Furthermore, you will find accommodation offers here:

  • display case at the Studierendenwerk Mainz in the Studierendenhaus, Staudingerweg 21, entrance C: rooms or flats offered by private landlords to students
  • General Students' Committee (AStA), Studierendenhaus, Staudingerweg 21
  • Offers in local newspapers (Wednesday and Saturday), e.g. Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz or Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung.

If you need somewhere to live for a short period while searching for accommodation, you may consider options such as the Youth Hostel Mainz (Jugendherberge Mainz).